Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Whitehorn CTrain Station upgrade to begin

Beginning this month, Whitehorn CTrain Station will start to receive upgrades as work is done to improve the station.

The upgrades include lifecycle maintenance; enhancing the functional and aesthetic features of the station; replacing and extending the platform to accommodate future four-car CTrains; and enabling customers access to the south end of the platform.

“Calgary Transit is committed to minimizing disruptions for its customers and we will keep customers informed throughout the process,” says Theresa Keddy, Communications Strategist with Calgary Transit.

Since the Northeast CTrain line opened in April 1985, it has grown in length and in the number of Calgarians it serves. The original stations needs lifecycle work as well as improvements to increase customer comfort and safety.

The Whitehorn CTrain Station is the first of a number of stations on the Northeast line being upgraded. Although construction will be specific to the needs of each station, the purpose for the upgrades is consistent, and will further enhance Calgary Transit’s ability to provide efficient and safe public transportation.

Station improvements will also include improved accessibility, improved lighting, and enhanced visibility from the outside of the station as well as within the station.

Calgary Transit is committed to minimizing disruptions for its customers. It is working with the project manager to determine specific construction timelines and will keep its customers informed.

As construction progresses, information will be posted at the CTrain stations and on Calgarytransit.com

***Proposed cover on Whitehorn CTrain Station

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