Friday, July 23, 2010

Bart the horse retires

The Calgary Police Service Mounted Unit retired its longest-serving horse after this year’s Calgary Stampede.

Bart, a 14-year-old Canadian, turned in his badge after 12 years of service with the CPS. He will spend his remaining years with the Opening Gaits Therapeutic Riding Society of Calgary, which provides horse riding experiences to people with physical and mental challenges.

As one of his last duties as a member of the CPS, Bart helped train a rookie member of the Mounted Unit, Stryder, who Chief Rick Hanson rode in this year’s Stampede parade.

The Calgary Police Service has used horses for patrol since the turn of the century with the formation of the current Mounted Unit in 1978. Members are required to spend four years in district patrol before applying for the Unit. They are chosen based on their work ethic and riding ability. The horses used in the unit come from farms and ranches throughout the province, and are chosen based on their personality, size and colour. Mounted patrol duties include public relations, patrolling the streets and pathways, and search operations in parks and along riverbanks.

We at The City wish Bart many happy trails.

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