Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Beverly Pepper's Sentinels at Ralph Klein Park

A Beverly Peppers interview can be found at the 3 minute mark of this video.

A large-scale land art sculpture by world renowned artist Beverly Pepper is in the final days of completion at Ralph Klein Park.

"The result is astonishing because it looks like it was born here." said Pepper from the Ralph Klein Park dedication ceremony.

Her two-year project has two pyramids jutting out of rolling prairie with three steel ‘sentinels’ looming over. It is perched on a hillside looking over Ralph Klein Park’s Environmental Education Centre.

“The monoliths at Ralph Klein Legacy Park are meant to herald the uniqueness of the wetlands,” said Pepper. “I believe my work offers a place for reflection and contemplative thought within the context of active urban environments.”

"Another benefit that came that was absolutely gratuitous, the third sculpture, the smaller one - it sings, it's absolutely astonishing, I'd like to say I planned it, but that was something that was given to me," said Pepper.

Pepper painted from 1949 - 1960, then turned to sculpture, and has worked extensively with public sites creating numerous environmental works and sculptures in the United States, Europe and Asia.

The inspiration for this public art project comes from the award-winning Utilities & Environmental Protection Department Public Art Plan (2007) founded on the principle that public art, in collaboration with other disciplines, can create remarkable places that encourage sustainability and stewardship of the environment.

In the six years since the City approved its Public Art Policy, the Public Art Program has impacted Calgary’s visual environment by installing 22 public artworks through the Per Cent for Public Art Funding Strategy. A further 27 installations are currently planned for various locations throughout the city, including LRT stations, parks, public buildings and with civic partners such as the Westside Recreation Centre.

You can see more Beverly Pepper work here.

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