Thursday, July 22, 2010

City of Calgary CFO and Calgary Fire Chief Discuss 2011 Budget

City of Calgary Chief Financial Officer Eric Sawyer and Fire Chief Bruce Burrell addressed the media yesterday to discuss what adjustments to the 2011 budget may mean for the Calgary Fire Department.

While making changes to an annual budget has always been a part of the three-year budget process, with these annual adjustments providing flexibility to accommodate changes in the economy demand for City services, what's different for the 2011 budget is the need to address an estimated $60 million gap between forecasted revenues and expenses.

"As part of this process, we've asked all of our departments, as well as our agencies to identify the implications of any budget reductions so they can be put forward to Council," said Sawyer.

In an attempt to address some of these budget reductions, Burrell said a second hiring class of firefighters has been deferred until a later date and that a plan to include a second unit in Saddleridge had been postponed.

"It was our desire to put a second unit in Saddleridge. Is it critical that we do that? No, and we certainly do not believe that by not putting a second unit in that station that we're putting anybody or anything at risk," said Burrell.

All budget adjustments will be presented together to City Council in November, 2010.

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