Friday, July 16, 2010

City waives landfill fees for hail-damaged leaves and branches

The City of Calgary is offering a break to residents affected by this week’s hail storm. Loads of fallen branches and leaves will be accepted free of charge at the East Calgary and Spyhill landfills until the end of the day on August 2.

“Since the weather started to improve, we’ve heard from people who are cleaning up their yards and generating a lot more waste than usual,” said Jasnal Hundal, Disposal and Processing Services Manager with The City of Calgary. “We hope that waiving our normal fees for loads of leaves and branches will help out a bit.”

To take advantage of this opportunity, people should tell the landfill attendant that they have a load of hail-damaged leaves and branches. The offer is not open to businesses, and loads containing material other than leaves and branches will be subject to normal fees.

Leaves and branches can also be left for regular garbage pickup. For the safety of garbage collectors, residents should ensure that each bag weighs less than 20 kilograms, and that branches are tied in bundles no more than a metre long.

Hundal said that while crews are doing their best to collect garbage as quickly as possible, areas with high volumes may not see all of their bags picked up right away.

“If we run into a situation where every house in a neighbourhood has 10 or 15 bags, it may not be possible to pick them up all at once and stay on schedule," said Hundal.

If this happens, residents should put out remaining bags on their next garbage day.

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  1. And many Calgarians mourn the loss of their beloved gardens and plants. So sad.