Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Community gardens growing in Calgary

If you’re a farmer, right now you’re making hay and if you’re a community gardener, right now you’re about to harvest your first crop. And if you’re Maggie Thompson, division superintendent with Parks, you’re reaping the fruits of your labour. 

That’s because in addition to being one of many City of Calgary employees who has an interest in gardening and community building, Maggie was responsible for developing The City’s guidelines for community gardens.

“Gardening is a wonderful recreational activity but the best part about community gardens is what sounds so simple – that community building aspect - it’s neighbours coming together to meet neighbours “.

Interest in community gardens has been growing in many North American jurisdictions and Calgary is no exception. While community gardens have existed in Calgary informally for some time, these gardens were so successful that it became necessary to formalize guidelines around community gardens.

Now the community gardens are operated in a way that promotes good neighbour relations. The food is donated to local organizations, communities have a collaborative recreational area and the local green spaces have countless new advocates.

To find out more about community gardens in your area or gardening initiatives in Calgary, visit The Calgary Horticultural Society’s web site or The Eco Footprint Project

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