Monday, July 19, 2010

A year in the life of Community Services and Protective Services: 2009 Annual Reports go to City Council

The City of Calgary’s Community Services and Protective Services (CS&PS) group provides services to the citizens of Calgary, and includes Animal & Bylaw Services, Community & Neighbourhood Services, Fire, Parks, Police, Public Safety Communications and Recreation.

For the first time, CSPS is reporting their results to Council and the public via video – making the results faster and easier to obtain. Divided by business units, each of the five videos provide a top level briefing of last year’s achievements. The information has also been “chaptered” (or broken into topics) so people can easily find the information they’re most interested in. Directors of these business units selected some of the most important points to present on video, however, the complete reports are also available online for people who prefer to dig deeper and look at specific achievements and numbers.

Animal and Bylaw Services Report

Community and Neighbourhood Services Report

Calgary Fire Department Report

Public Safety Communication Report

Recreation Report

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