Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Burning Down the House at SAIT with the Calgary Fire Department

College students today saw first hand how violent and scary a house fire really is.

If you're a college student and living on your own for the first time you are in a high risk group for being a victim of fire.

"We want college students to know their rights, be prepared to handle the worst, and have working smoke detectors," said Brian McAsey, Fire's public information officer.

Today the Calgary Fire Department held an event at SAIT’s campus where they burned down a couple of fully furnished demo houses to demonstrate how fast and how violent a house fire really is.

The Fire Department encourages students to imagine waking up in the middle of the night to a fire in your new residence. It is pitch-black with smoke, hotter than an oven and you have only precious seconds to get out alive. It’s easy to think you can handle it, but what the Calgary Fire Department sees every day is the panic, problems and all too common tragedy that results from this hellish scenario.

Moving out of the family home and into off-campus housing is an exciting time for post-secondary students. It's also a time to reflect on the safety of your new residence.

You need to know if where you live is safe, a practiced escape plan and you need to have smoke and carbon monoxide detectors that work. You have rights as a tenant and you should know what that means in terms of your safety.

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