Friday, September 17, 2010

Calgary Responsible Dog Ownership Day in Bowness

If you’d like to watch dogs jump hurdles, search for scented dumbbells, catch frisbees, race through obstacle courses, and demonsrate their ability to follow their owners’ directions, then tomorrow may become your favourite day.

Calgary Responsible Dog Ownership (RDOG) Day is tomorrow, September 18 between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. at Bowness Park and you’re invited.

“Many dog owners don’t know that there are a number of dog sports and activities available in our city,” says Joanne Hahn, Manager of Policy and Public Education, with Animal & Bylaw Services.

Urban Vive Pet Photography and Heartland Veterinary Clinic will be on site taking pet photographs and demonstrating the correct way to trim dogs’ nails, clean their ears and brush their teeth. Animal & Bylaw Services, the Calgary Humane Society, Calgary Association of Dog Fanciers and several rescue organizations will be providing educational resources. Mungo’s Books for Dog People will also be at the event.

There will also be tennis ball bobbing, dog dressing and other hourly contests for kids, the young at heart, and their dogs.

“This fun day is about showcasing some of those events. When pet owners and dogs spend time engaging in enjoyable activities, dogs become better socialized and we all benefit,”

Responsible Dog Ownership (RDOG) Day is a national initiative started by the Canadian Kennel Club to educate dog owners across the country about responsible pet ownership.

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