Tuesday, October 12, 2010

New yard clean up tool – the brown paper bag.

The annual Leaf & Pumpkin Composting Program kicked off October 8. The difference this year is that citizens are urged to use compostable brown bags, which can be purchased at most lawn and garden stores. These bags are the smartest way to deliver leaves to their final destination – the compost heap.

City of Calgary Waste Diversion Specialist Lindsay Lofthouse explains, “Paper yard waste bags are the best type of bags to use for this program because they can be placed directly into the compost rows. They help make the process more efficient, keep Leaf & Pumpkin drop-off sites clean, and leave no waste behind”.

The resulting compost is a nutrient-rich soil booster that is used in various green spaces in Calgary. It also helps reduce greenhouse gases by keeping millions of kilograms of organic material out of our landfills.

Because of the large volumes of yard waste produced during this time of year the City will implement, as needed, a limit on the amount of garbage bags collected from each household of up to five bags. This bag limit will ensure City crews complete collection routes on schedule.

The 2010 Leaf & Pumpkin Composting program is being held at 32 participating depot locations, including the three City landfills. For more information on a depot near you, visit calgary.ca/waste or call 3-1-1. The program runs until November, 14.

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