Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Quality of Life Improving: Calgary Foundation Vital Signs Report

The Calgary Foundation has released its annual quality of life report, and overall Calgarians are saying their quality of life is improving.

According to The Calgary Foundation, the Vital Signs Report is an annual survey that “takes the pulse of Calgary.”

“We are pleased to see that Calgarians feel their quality of life is improving,” said Rebecca Newlove, a Sustainability Consultant with The City.

“The City’s programs and services, including those delivered in partnership with other organisations, contribute to the quality of life and we are pleased to be partners in making Calgary a great city for everyone.”

The 1171 Calgarians  who completed the survey gave their quality of life a “B” grade, the highest mark to date.

The grades in 12 issue areas have either remained stable or increased, except in the area of environment which has moved up and down since 2008.

According to the report their are pros and cons to quality of life in Calgary.

The Good:
  • High rate of small business & self-employment
  • C-Train extensions
  • Safer & cleaner city centre
  • Homeless shelter use declines
  • Calgary top eco-city
  • Arts events & attendance thriving
The Bad
  • Cost of food climbs
  • High youth unemployment
  • Loss of rental units
The 2010 Calgary Vital Signs report can be found here:

A summary of survey responses for each Key Issue Area can be found here:

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***Image Source: The Calgary Foundation's Vital Signs Report

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