Monday, November 29, 2010

Carts Feeling Black and Blue? Making Sure Blue and Black Carts Keep Rolling

Each week thousands of Calgarians take their garbage and recycling out for collection, unfortunately, after time, some of these bins end up battered and bruised, or black and blue if you will.

Fixing these bins belongs to The City's cart maintenance team in Waste & Recycling.

The team of six is responsible for delivering carts to new homes, as well as repairing and replacing damaged and missing blue and black carts across the city.

“A request comes in through 3-1-1 and we receive an address and a cart number,” explains Ron Franco, who started delivering and repairing carts with the team six months ago. “We carry tools and replacement pieces in the truck and fix the carts on the spot.”

The team handles everything from broken lids to cracked bodies and missing wheels. In some cases, they are called upon to replace carts that have been stolen or vandalized beyond repair.

Ron says the delivery of black carts to households across the city that began this fall has increased their workload by around 20 per cent due to slower traffic in inclement weather, but the team is still able to respond to between 20 and 25 calls a day.

“When we show up to fix carts, people are very happy to have carts that are working properly again,” says Ron. “The majority of people we come across tell us how glad they are that The City has rolled out the blue carts and now the black carts, and the people who don’t have black carts yet tell us they are eager to get them.”

For more information on garbage and recycling collection, please visit the Waste & Recycling Services.

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***Ron Franco, Waste & Recycling Services cart maintenance team member

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