Thursday, November 25, 2010

City temporarily closes pathway outside The Calgary Zoo

As a result of rising water on the pathway due to an ice jam on the Bow River, The City has closed the pathway along the north side of the Bow River at the Zoo east to Nose Creek.

The City was made aware of this flooding mid-afternoon yesterday and immediately put up signage indicating that the pathway had been closed as well as locking the gates which block pathway access on both sides of the impacted area.

Hours later, The City and The Calgary Fire Department was notified that cyclists had entered the closed area and encountered the high water levels which had caused the closure of the pathway and were forced to abandon their bikes and seek aid for cold water exposure. The Calgary Fire Department subsequently issued a news release on the incident.

The City asks all Calgarians to obey all pathway signage. These closures are posted on as they occur. From time to time, The City needs to close pathways for various reasons, including when there are public safety hazards, pathway repairs or lifecycle replacement construction.

The City’s pathway operations staff are currently working on a pathway detour as the usual detour for this section can’t be used as a result of construction and a road closure in the immediate area.As soon as The City has the new detour identified, pathway staff will post signage illustrating the detour.

While The City understands that Calgarians may be frustrated about having to backtrack as a result of pathway detours, pathways are closed to ensure that everyone remains safe with last night’s incident serving as a reminder of the importance of obeying pathway signage.

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