Friday, November 19, 2010

Peace Bridge Update - November 19, 2010

The City has announced the construction schedule for the Peace Bridge has been extended until the spring of 2011.

According to the Transportation Department, the Peace Bridge is the combination of art and infrastructure, resulting in a design that is both unique and extremely complex.

“The contractor evaluated the assembly processes and has determined that additional time is required to construct the bridge and to meet the quality requirements,” said Mac Logan, Transportation General Manager.

“All of the major elements coming from Spain have been delivered, are on-site and the entire length of the bridge is ‘framed up’ with final welding underway.”

Some components continue to arrive such as the deck structure which is being manufactured in Edmonton.

Despite what has been reported, there are no problems with the welding on the Peace Bridge.  Welding the steel elements is extremely important on this project and time is required to ensure high quality for the longest single span structure in Calgary.

 The Peace Bridge has an exceptional length to depth ratio made possible by the advanced helical design. It is a single-span structure 130 m long and over 6 m wide and is designed to be in service for over 100 years.

“The overall structure acts as one element and strength of the assembly welds are crucial,” said Logan. “Also, the design needs to have a perfectly smooth exterior finish so the section joints are not readily apparent.”

The project, financed by capital budget funds, is currently on budget. An exact date for completion will be announced in the New Year.

“We’d like to thank Calgarians for their continued patience,” said Logan.

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