Tuesday, December 21, 2010

City Trade Qualification now Available Online

The City has launched a system that will allow new trades professionals the option to apply online for their required City Trade Qualification.

Tradespeople will also be able to book an appointment to have their qualifications verified and contact information confirmed, which means no more waiting in line at City Hall.

“Applying to become a City Qualified Trade online is the first of many services that will be available online and we are very pleased with the direction we are heading,” said Kevin Griffiths, chief building official with The City. “Providing a service such as this online, helps the process become more efficient and easier to use for those applying for permits as well as reduce time and effort for our staff to process.”

Becoming City Qualified is required prior to a trades professional being permitted to apply for and pull electrical, mechanical, plumbing or gas permits. The process for qualification verification is required to ensure individuals have the correct qualifications prior to doing work on a project.

The ability to apply and receive permits online will be available in the coming year.

To find out more about what is required for applying online and what you need to bring to your appointment, visit calgary.ca/tradepermits

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