Friday, January 21, 2011

Fourth Street S.W. LRT Station Reopening

The City of Calgary is happy to announce the reopening of the Fourth Street S.W. LRT Station. The reopening provides Calgarians with another state-of-the-art CTrain facility.

In addition to an open design concept and improvements to the sidewalk, lighting and street furnishings, the Fourth Street station has some other unique and important elements.

There is a plus 15 walkway that connects the station to the building across the street. It is also home to a new electrical sub-station which provides three times more power to the 7 Avenue CTrain line, making it possible to run future four car trains through the downtown core.

“This new station gives people on the LRT system a very positive impression when they come downtown—arriving at a brand new, clean station...” said Gordon Stewart, Director of Transportation Infrastructure. “and, It will allow for future growth when we go to four car trains which will provide more service access for Calgarians.”

Transportation Infrastructure is the City business unit given the responsibility to refurbish the 7 Avenue LRT station platforms and both the federal and provincial governments have contributed significant funding to this project. The focus of the 7 Avenue Refurbishment program now shifts to the reconstruction/refurbishment of the LRT stations on the far west and east ends of downtown.

The construction program is expected to be complete by late 2012. You can access more information about the 7th Ave Refurbishment project here.

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