Monday, January 17, 2011

New banners installed on the seven gateways bridges to Calgary’s downtown

Seven bridges in and around the city’s core will be splashed with new colours over the next couple weeks, as a new series of banners is installed.  The series will showcase the work of Canadian artist, Dianne Bos and celebrates the theme of “place”.

The new banners are part of the Down town Banner Program that began in 2008.  Banners are now replaced biannually with a new look and story to welcome people to the downtown.
The banner program is funded through the Downtown Improvement Fund and managed by The City of Calgary’s Land Use Planning & Policy.

“The goal is to provide a unique opportunity for local artists to display their work, while at the same time create inviting places for pedestrians, cyclists and drivers in and around the centre city,” says David Down, Coordinator, Urban Design and Heritage at The City.  “It is amazing how banners can transform bridges into dynamic structures and alter the urban landscape”.

For this series of banner images, Bos used black and white film and a medium format camera to create overlapping sequential images of the Alberta landscape. These were later converted to vibrant colours using digital techniques.

New banners have already been installed on the Macdonald and Inglewood bridges.  The remaining bridges will have banners installed over the next few weeks.  These bridges include 14 Street Bridge, Louise Bridge (10 Street), Centre Street Bridge, Langevin Bridge (Edmonton Trail) and the Zoo Bridge.

For more information on the bridge banner program and to view the banners please visit:

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