Thursday, February 17, 2011

Bylaw Boss talks about Clearing Pathways and Sidewalks of Snow

In this video, Bill Bruce, Director of Animal & Bylaw Services, talks about rules regarding clearing snow and ice from a personal property sidewalk. For more information, please visit

Overview of snow & ice removal regulations

Owners/occupants are responsible for the complete removal of snow and ice from all sidewalks adjacent to their property within 24 hours after the snow stops falling.

Removal of snow and ice means the removal of all snow and ice down to the bare concrete.
Snow or ice from private property cannot be placed on a road or boulevard.

Helpful hints

If the ice cannot be removed, apply gravel, salt or sand to help with removal.
Free sand is available for pick up at most fire halls. Please bring your own container.
Making a complaint

Failure to remove snow and ice may result in it being removed at the property owner's expense.

To report a bylaw infraction please:

Call 3-1-1 or 403-268-CITY (2489) if calling from outside Calgary.

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