Wednesday, February 9, 2011

City Manager Responds to Audit Investigative Review

City Manager Owen Tobert released the following statement this evening after reading the report submitted to Council by Deloitte regarding their investigative review into high risk procurement files.  The external investigators were also asked to reconcile the difference in perspective offered by the former City Auditor and the City Manager.

“Deloitte has carried out their investigative review and they will be discussing their findings with Council.  I have just received the report, and following my first review of the findings, I am satisfied this report should bring closure to any outstanding concerns, subject to Council’s acceptance of the report.”

“Most, if not all, of the differences between the former City Auditor’s and my perspective of statements of impropriety in procurement have been reconciled and Administration has been cleared of the shadow of wrongdoing cast over it,” said Tobert.

“Taxpayers should be reassured that, amongst other things, it has been concluded that they have received full value for the $747 million in the contracts under review.  No money related to the contracts under investigation has gone missing.”

The investigative review was commissioned by Council following statements made by the former City Auditor about City procurement.  

Deloitte’s reports will be discussed at Council on Monday, February 14.

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