Friday, February 25, 2011

Waste & Recycling Services update on waste diversion

Have you been wondering about the success of the blue and black cart programs? So was City Council. That’s why as part of regular reporting The City’s Director of Waste and Recycling Services (W&RS), Dave Griffiths, presented an update report on the successes and timeline for achieving Council’s directive to divert 80 per cent of waste from landfills by 2020 (80/20).

The report was delivered during Wednesday’s Standing Policy Committee on Utilities & Environment and was broken into two components. One report addressed the 80/20 plan and the operationalization of diverting waste, while the other report addressed Multi-Family Recycling.

Highlights from the 80/20 report included major points and outcomes:

  • Food and yard waste is the largest diversion opportunity as it represents 57 per cent of remaining residential waste.
  • A focus on diverting food and yard waste materials will achieve the most progress toward 80/20 and help to mitigate environmental risk. 
  • Increasing regulations from Alberta Environment may result in mandatory financial penalties for landfill greenhouse gas emissions. 
  • W&RS will design a food and yard waste pilot program for implementation in 2012. The pilot recommendation will include public engagement and be presented back to Council in October 2011.
Dave Griffiths told us after the Standing Policy Committee meeting, “Food and yard waste - that organic fraction – that material has a major environmental impact, not only just consuming the capacity of our landfills, it also produces what we call landfill gases which are carbon dioxide and methane, both green-house gases; and methane... it’s more than 21 times the effect of carbon dioxide as a green house gas.”  

Highlights from the Multi-Family Recycling report included major points and outcomes:
  • The multi-family sector is growing and plays an important part in contributing to the 80 per cent residential waste diversion goal.
  • The multi-family sector is currently served by a network of 52 City-run community recycling depots and by a number of private recycling companies. 
  • The City has begun working with the private sector to identify and remove barriers to increasing service to this sector.
  • W&RS will ask for Council direction to maintain the current strategy, while engaging stakeholders and developing recommendations for a city-wide multi-family recycling strategy that considers partnerships with the private sector.

To find more information on The City’s Waste & Recycling Services visit our City Initiatives page or our Waste & Recycling Services home page.

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