Thursday, March 31, 2011

City census begins Friday, April 1

From April 1-21, census takers will be visiting every dwelling in Calgary to carry out the annual census.

The information collected is very important for The City of Calgary for use in making informed and appropriate decisions on population-based City services, such as transportation, roads, transit, police services, utilities, recreation, etc. This information is also used by the public and separate school boards for enrollment predictions, decisions on future schools, and by the provincial government for determining grants, if they are available.

Census data being collected for 2011 is: number of residents, school support, home ownership, and the number and year of children born between the years 2005 and 2011. In addition to the base census questions, information will also be collected on age/gender groupings, a new question on mode of transportation and number employed. Some randomly selected households will be asked to participate in a “Place of Work” survey.

Census takers wear a numbered photo identification badge issued by The City of Calgary. All census information provided is confidential. Census results are reported on a community basis to ensure each dwelling is unidentifiable.

Census takers will leave a notice if residents are not at home when they visit. The notice will have a phone number in which to contact the census taker to provide the information. Residents can call the Election & Information Services Office at 403-476-4100 (Option 3) for more information or to provide their information over the phone.

The 2011 census results will be available approximately three months after the census. For more information on the census or statistical data collected during the 2010 census, visit

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