Monday, April 18, 2011

Elbow Drive Reconstruction: Phase Two

Sometimes a road needs to be resurfaced and sometimes it needs to be reconstructed. In this case, Elbow Drive form Glenmore to 50 Avenue - one of Calgary's major thoroughfares - needs to be reconstructed from the foundation up.

This is part of the City's continuing program dedicated to reconstructing Calgary's aging roadways.

"Elbow Drive was chosen for reconstruction due to the poor pavement condition." Says Darren Flood, Senior Transportation Engineer with Transportation Infrastructure. "Reconstruction is required due to the fact that the pavement is reaching the end of its life expectancy and the structural problems extend deep into the road. Without reconstruction, any surface treatments would just mask the problem and not provide a long term solution making it an ongoing maintenance challenge."

Elbow Drive was identified as a priority for this program and has already benefited from reconstruction from 50 Avenue S.W. to Lansdowne Avenue.

In addition to road reconstruction, the project's scope includes improvements to pedestrian safety through the widening of sidewalks on the West side and where needed on the East side of the roadway, larger concrete pads for bus stops and improvements to their connectivity to sidewalks and improvements to crosswalks for safety and usability.

The project will also improve street lights and underground utilities while crews have access to those infrastructure components. Additionally, there is an opportunity to address some landscape elements that will also improve usability and safety.

The City is taking steps to ensure that construction has a limited impact on trees and grassy areas and where necessary grass and affected trees will be replaced if underground and overhead utilities permit.

It is expected that this work will have impacts to the users of this roadway but The City will make every effort to minimize impacts as much as possible. At times the road will be limited to one lane in each direction, bus stops may be temporarily relocated or closed as well sections of sidewalk will be closed during construction.

Access to Elbow Drive from adjacent roads, lanes, and driveways within the construction zone will be restricted at times. This will affect some residents and businesses for a period of time during construction and properties located on Elbow Drive with impositions on the property line will likely be impacted.

Letters will be delivered to adjacent properties explaining potential impacts and providing contacts and further details. Project information can be found on the City's website and through the Elbow Drive Road Reconstruction Newsletter.

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