Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Hey Calgary, what’s the plan for your old garbage can?

Now that Black Cart delivery is beginning in Calgary’s Northwest and Southwest, joining the almost half of all city households that already have a cart, it is time to address the age old question of what to do with the old garbage cans?

The City started a Facebook page called “Hey Calgary, what’s the plan for your old garbage can?” to garner feedback – and people have provided some really good ideas.

Some ingenuitive folk have recommended converting the old metal or plastic bins into a composter. Other people have turned these receptacles into pieces of art and even furniture, such as a nightstand. There are links to how to convert a trash can into a rain barrel or ‘bog’ garden, and some people store their garden tools in theirs.

If you have an idea for what to do with your old garbage cans or if you are looking for alternatives to recycling your bin, please visit our Facebook page.

Also, The City will recycle your old bins for free at Throw ‘n’ go facilities from April 23 to June 30, 2011. For more information on throwing away or recycling your trash can, please visit calgary.ca or visit our Facebook page for neat reusable ideas.

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