Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Business Search – a new online service to access 2011 business assessment information

Business owners now have secure access to their 2011 business assessment information online.

A new service, aptly called, Business Search, will be available through a secure login myID process which was mailed on May 6, to approximately 25,000 business customers, who are subject to business assessment. Public or general access is not available due to security and privacy concerns.

To use Business Search customers will need to first complete a three-step process:
  1. Email Submission Process
  2. myID Registration - joining The City’s online services as a business.
  3. Business Search Enrollment
After registering with The City and enrolling with Business Search, business owners will be able to conveniently use Business Search to:
  • Review a detailed business assessment report for their business.
  • Compare summary business information on other premises.
  • Associate multiple business premises to a primary account.
It is important to note that the information provided on Business Search is the same as the information provided to customers who have already received Business Assessment Notices, mailed on 2011 January 04, and which had a Customer Review Period and final complaint date on 2011 March 07. Customers who enroll, now, to use Business Search will have an opportunity to orient themselves to the new online service, contact The City with any questions and issues, and prepare themselves to be able to make further use of the service for when 2012 Business Assessment Notices are mailed in 2012 January. For customers who receive an Amended or Supplementary Business Assessment Notice during 2011, this new service provides them with an additional way of reviewing their own business assessment information online, and comparing their new business assessment information with other businesses.

The release of Business Search on calgary.ca marks two important corporate milestones.
  1. Business assessment summary information is now online. Previously, business owners who wished to review and compare their business assessment information were asked to visit the Assessment office to conduct a manual review. Now, with this new e-service, business owners have a convenient way to understand, review and compare their business assessment information online with other business premises.
  2. Business Search is the first implemented project to use The City’s new myID registration process developed by the Information Technology business unit. The myID registration service can be used to create and manage an online account with The City. Starting with Business Search, this single myID account will be used to login for future multiple online applications, as they are made available to citizens and businesses.
For more information, please visit calgary.ca/assessment

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