Monday, May 16, 2011

City Weed Regulations Align with Provincial Changes

Before the onset of weed season, The City wants to clarify for Calgarians the impacts that changes to the provincial weed legislation will have on private property owners.

“A new provincial Weed Control Act was passed in June 2010 and the City of Calgary is required to align with the changes,” said Bill Bruce, Director of Animal & Bylaw Services.  “The list of invasive plants has been expanded in the new Weed Control Regulation and the plants have all been categorized as either noxious weeds or prohibited noxious weeds. Dandelions are not included on either one of these lists.”

Photo by: UpstateNYer
To familiarize yourself with the plants listed in the Weed Control Regulation you can read the legislation here. The list of weeds is at the end of Part 4. Prohibited noxious weeds must be destroyed and plants on the noxious weed list must be controlled.

The biggest change for private property owners is regarding dandelions that are less than 15 centimetres in height. Since dandelions are not listed on the invasive plant lists within the Weed Control Regulation, bylaw officers no longer have the legislative authority to order a private property owner to take corrective action on dandelions. 

Under the Integrated Pest Management Plan (IPM) the City will continue to assess city owned land and treat when broad leaf weeds exceed threshold levels.  

Under the Community Standards Bylaw, property owners are still required to ensure that all grasses and uncontrolled plants, including dandelions, don’t exceed 15 centimetres in height. Bylaw officers will continue to issue warning notices and to take enforcement action to have property owners correct this situation.

Parks will continue to raise awareness about their Healthy Yards program which provides guidelines for beautiful and healthy yards by using an environmentally friendly approach to yard, lawn and garden care.  For more information on this program, visit or follow this link for more information on Calgary weed legislation.   

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