Wednesday, May 11, 2011

New video archive expands public access to Council meetings

Missed the latest Council meeting? Thanks to the Electronic Legislative Management Solution (ELMS), you can now catch up on the latest legislative debates and issues by watching Council proceedings on demand at

“The new video archive lets the public access the information they need at a time that is convenient for them,” says Gregory Pastirik, strategic legislative analyst with the City Clerk’s office. ”It also provides citizens with another way to get involved in the legislative process.”

Sample of an archived committee meeting video from ELMS
All Council and Standing Policy Committee (SPC) meetings will be recorded and archived in the system, and videos will generally be posted within three days after the meeting. Through ELMS, you can watch full proceedings or can navigate to a specific agenda item to watch the debate that occurred on a particular issue. Videos will be available for three years from the date of the meeting.

“The archive allows citizens to review legislative discussions, and helps all of us better understand specific Council and SPC decisions,” says Greg.

Providing on-demand video is part of The City’s ongoing effort to improve the accessibility and transparency of the legislative process for citizens. The new video archive is the second phase of the ELMS project, which launched in October 2010. The ELMS also hosts electronic copies of Council agendas and minutes.

Live webcasts of Council and SPC meetings are still available at, and meetings continue to be broadcast on Channel 89 on Shaw Digital TV. You can check out the latest video at

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