Friday, June 10, 2011

Calgary's Cycling Strategy released

The City of Calgary has just released its proposed Cycling Strategy.

Given the importance of cycling in Calgary, Council was keen to understand what could be done to encourage more Calgarians to cycle as a transportation option.

Transportation includes everything from a trip to the local corner store, to visit a friend, go out for a bite to eat, or bike to work or school. It means those trips that are done within the community and those trips that span a number of communities.

“With the approval of the 2009 Calgary Transportation Plan, there is an increasing desire to provide transportation choices with an increased focus on sustainability, health and the environment,” says Nicole Jensen, Transportation Planner.

“We heard from Calgarians that 59 per cent said they would like to cycle more often.

“This proposed Strategy builds on past cycling achievements such as Calgary's multiuse pathway system, what Calgarians want in order to cycle more often, along with best-practice from other bicycle-friendly cities. The Strategy recommends 50 actions to move Calgary towards becoming a more bike-friendly city.”

You can see the proposed Cycling Strategy on The Strategy will go to the SPC of Land Use, Planning and Transportation (LPT) on Tuesday June 21, 2011. The official Cycling Strategy and Pathway Safety Review LPT report will be made public through the City Clerk's Office website on Thursday June 16, 2011.

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