Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Canada Day Long Weekend Transit Service Change

Seventh Avenue as well as Bridgeland-Memorial and Zoo stations in the northeast will be closed over the Canada Day long weekend (Friday, July 1 to Sunday, July 3).

This is to ensure the new City Hall CTrain station is able to open for Stampede. Electrical work to power the trains, including traction power and train signal upgrades, must be done on 7 Avenue. Other maintenance work, including rail replacement, fire control system upgrade and roof repairs at Bridgeland-Memorial Station must be done.

Regular service is expected to resume at the beginning of service on Monday, July 4, 2011.

There will be no CTrain service past the 8th Street Southwest Station (from the northwest), Stampede Station from the south, and Barlow Station from the northeast. All buses that travel on 7 Avenue will be detoured.

CTrain service will be replaced by high-capacity shuttle buses.

Although CTrains will service Victoria Park-Stampede Station, customers who wish to continue on will need to transfer to shuttle bus route B201, which only stops at Erlton-Stampede. Customers are therefore encouraged to get off the CTrain at Erlton-Stampede.

Due to the Zoo Station closure, customers visiting the Zoo are advised to use Bridgeland-Memorial Station and walk along the regional pathway (approx. 700 meters) to the west Zoo entrance.

Additional service will be provided to help accommodate Canada Day celebrations and the Stampeders football game.

While conducting work over the Canada Day long weekend is less than ideal, the large crowds during Stampede require that the City Hall platforms be operational at that time.

Also, as a condition of the federal funding to upgrade 7 Avenue and make the platforms accessible to four-car CTrains, this work must be complete by October 2011.

Disruptions to the transit system are unfortunately sometimes necessary to improve the system. Work has been ongoing and Calgary Transit appreciates your patience and thanks you for your understanding.

Fordetailedinformation about changestotransit routes, times andstopsplease visit calgarytransit.com or call 403-262-1000.

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