Friday, June 24, 2011

City Council to attend the last of three budget planning sessions on June 28

On June 28, City Council will meet in the final of three June Strategic Planning sessions as part of Council’s ongoing discussions to consider priorities for the 2012-2014 business plan and budget cycle supporting the longer term vision of imagineCALGARY.

During this meeting, Council will discuss user fees & subsidies policies, water and waste water rates as well as waste and recycling fees.

The final results from the Our City. Our Budget. Our Future. engagement process will also be discussed. Over the course of three and a half months, more than 23,000 citizens, City employees and organizations provided their input on City services, values and priorities, and considered trade-offs for the next three years.

We offer a huge thank you to all the participants for taking the time to provide your input which will help Council in providing direction in developing business plans and budgets that are more responsive to citizen’s needs and values.

The final report is available at

Earlier this month, Council met in two other Strategic Planning sessions to discuss strategic issues including Calgary’s growth patterns and its implication, The City’s financial outlook and a strategy to build on The City of Calgary’s service efficiency and effectiveness.

Council’s Strategic Planning meetings are part of the new process The City developed to build its next three year business plans and budget.

This process provides Council with complete information it needs to make decisions and give clear and transparent directions to Administration regarding the 2012-2014 business plans and budget.

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