Wednesday, June 22, 2011

EcoAction School debuts at Ralph Klein Park

The City of Calgary and Encana Corporation formally launched the "Encana EcoAction School", a new Campus Calgary education venue at Ralph Klein Park.

The environmental educational program for Calgary students will operate out of the Environmental Education & Ethics Centre, an eco-friendly educational facility located on 30 hectares of wetlands in the park in southeast Calgary.
Ralph Klein Park Environmental Education & Ethics Centre

“The Encana EcoAction School is an amazing program that provides youth with the opportunity to explore their natural surroundings in an authentic and stimulating learning setting,” said Kym McCulley, Environmental Education & Initiatives Lead with The City of Calgary Parks.  “We are thrilled that Encana has partnered with us to create such a fantastic opportunity forCalgary’s young students.”

The school enables Calgary teachers to bring their Grade 1 to 12 students out of the classroom and into the Ralph Klein Park for one week during the school year to weave environmental and sustainability themes into their school curriculum. 

The program emphasizes the importance of water, wetlands and ecosystems, promotes ethical decision-making for sustainability and builds capacity for students to develop and implement projects that address local environmental issues. Ralph Klein Park features large constructed wetlands that use vegetation to treat storm water before it is discharged into the Bow River.

Trish Savill, CBE teacher working with the program, said Campus Calgary is excited to have Encana and The City of Calgary Parks join forces to make the EcoAction School a reality. “As students explore this educationally-rich environment they are engaged in learning tasks that are relevant and authentic,” she said. “We welcome Encana EcoAction School and look forward to the multitude of teaching and learning opportunities beyond the four walls of the classroom." 

To learn more about Ralph Klein Park visit the page on, or call 311 for more information. 

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