Monday, June 20, 2011

Slave Lake Fire Chief says thanks, CFD Chief explains operation

On Monday, June 20that 9:30am Slave Lake Fire Chief, Jamie Coutts addressed Council in appreciation for the support that was provided to Slave Lake and its residents during the wildfires in May.

Members from The Calgary Fire Department, Canada Task Force 2, the Calgary Emergency Management Agency and Public Safety Communications were deployed to Slave Lake over a period or two weeks to assist with fire suppression efforts within the town, establishing an effective Emergency Operations Centre, providing an Emergency Medical Assistance Task Force (EMAT), in addition to providing water filtration units, heaters, tents, power generators in addition to a number of other resources. 

Representatives of these agencies met with the media to share some of the knowledge and camaraderie gained from the experience, following a thank you speech to Council from Slave Lake's Fire Chief. Following the mornings events, the Calgary Fire Department hosted an appreciation event for members that supported the Slave Lake efforts at the Multi–Agency Training Centre.

Watch the video to hear, firsthand, what the experience meant for some of the participants.  

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