Monday, July 4, 2011

Cambrian Heights water main replacement completed this week

As part of its proactive main replacement program, Water Services has replaced a 54 year old cast iron water main pipe in the northwest community of Cambrian Heights ( Cornwallis Dr. NW).

The program is aimed at replacing portions of aging infrastructure in The City’s 12,000 underground pipe system, in order to prevent unexpected main breaks and subsequent water loss. The Cambrian Heights project took longer than expected as wet weather, poor soil conditions and several leaks detected during the course of construction, pushed the finished date forward.

The City worked with residents to minimize the impacts of the construction work including providing access for those residents with special needs and providing temporary water lines.

The City has also made arrangement with one resident, Jean Goebel, 96, to cover the expense of mowing her lawn because the lawn care company was unable to access her yard during construction.

The project is now in its final wrap-up stage (testing the water prior to restoring the service, back-filling and paving) and will be completed by week’s end.

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