Tuesday, July 19, 2011

City offers Free Healthy Yards Lunch and Learn Sessions

The Healthy Yards program is currently offering Lunch and Learn sessions for Calgary businesses. Organizations that are interested in encouraging their employees to adopt environmentally-friendly practices can have The City of Calgary Parks come in and host an orientation session on the Healthy Yards program - an environmentally-friendly approach to yard and garden care.

The Healthy Yards program helps homeowners create a more environmentally sustainable yard by combining the practices of:
  • Responsible pest management
  • Water Conservation (water wise gardening principles and use of a rain barrel)
  • Composting
  • Grass cycling (mulch mowing)
The hour long Lunch and Learn sessions include a training package for each participant and demonstrations on how to incorporate environmentally-friendly yard practices into their own backyard. Parks also provides one rain barrel or a composter for a giveaway.

Sessions are currently being booked and will run until the end of September.

Please call 3-1-1 for more information or calgary.ca/healthyyards or email healthyyards@calgary.ca

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