Monday, July 4, 2011

Study: Calgary leads North America for low water usage

Calgary uses the least amount of water per capita in North America according to Siemens' Green Cities Index.

According to the report, Calgarians use 429 litres of water per person daily, which is well below the index average of 587 litres.

Overall, Calgary is ranked fourth in Canada and 14th overall in North America for its environmental performance.
According to the report, "the city’s water distribution leakage rate is just 4per cent, the third lowest rate in the Index and well below the average of 13 per cent, which reflects the city’s vigilance in continually monitoring the system. Additionally, with a high percentage of metered customers and strong wastewater management, the city is poised to remain at th
e top in the water category."

If you'd like to read the report titled, US and Canada Green City Index, please visit or for more information about Calgary's water, please visit

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