Wednesday, August 3, 2011

OPEN SPACES: Windows to a View - New Exhibits Explore Urban Connections to Nature

Two new installations are now on view at the TELUS Convention Centre window spaces on the 7th Avenue and Centre Street LRT platform,

The Calgary Clay Arts Association, a local organization of professional ceramic artists, presents Urban Wild - a diverse collection of functional objects, sculpture and conceptual works from eight artists.

Calgary artist, Barbara Hirst, presents a large painting from her Floating City series that examines architectural reflections on water.

Urban Wild considers the planned – and sometimes unplanned – interactions between cities and ‘the wild.’ Featuring the work of eight clay artists (Constance Cooper, Krista Gowland, Aldo Marchese, Connie Pike, John H. Robertson, Monika Smith, Darlene Swan and Susan Thorpe), Urban Wild reminds us that nature remains a large part of our lives, even when it seems like we’re stuck in a concrete jungle.

Barbara Hirst’s Floating City draws our attention to the fluidity and impermanence of all things. Presenting architectural details that are distorted and unravelled by the rippling water, Floating City evokes the surreal qualities of a dream, creating opportunities for imagination, reverie and contemplation.

With support from McLennan Ross LLP, OPEN SPACES celebrates the diversity and quality of local artists while enlivening the downtown 7th Avenue transportation corridor.

The works are on view now through to October 22, 2011.

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***Images: Barbara Hirst, Floating City, 2011, acrylic on canvas and Calgary Clay Arts Association, Krista Gowland, Reverting to Nature, 2011, porcelain

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