Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Calgarians' input requested for the next phase of the Framework for Growth and Change

October 28, Public Consultation Closed.

"Thank you for your time and sharing your thoughts on this subject with us. The project team will be reviewing all of the feedback and comments collected from the public and key stakeholders. The recommendations in the December 2011 reports to Council will be based on the input collected." ~ Joel Armitage, Team Lead of the Corporate Growth Management Project.

Over the next 50-60 years, Calgary’s population is forecast to grow by 1.3 million people.  These additional people will need places to live, options for getting around, recreational spaces  and public and private services to meet their needs.  In short – Calgary is going to grow a lot and the needs of this growth will be great.

By strategically planning where and when growth and development happens in our city, we will be making the best use of investment and infrastructure, now and into the future.  In order to strategically plan areas of growth in our city, a framework is needed  that will allow for integrated decision making by The City. 

We refer to this framework as the Framework for Growth and Change.  One of the components in the Framework is a set of criteria by which to prioritize the areas of growth over the next 60 years.
This set of criteria will allow for growth areas to be prioritised for Investments in infrastructure and services within the financial capacity of The City.

The City of Calgary is asking for citizen’s input on the development of these criteria.  We want to know what criteria should be considered when growth is being prioritized in our city.  It is important to remember that growth and change will happen in existing communities, new residential communities, and commercial and industrial areas.

How to participate:
·        Please visit calgary.ca/growthmanagement for background information
·        Leave comments or ask questions here, on this blog post (blog will close for comments and input on October 28, 2011)
·        We will present the findings for consideration to City Council as part of the approval of the Framework

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