Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Stay in the loop – get the scoop on your pooch’s poop

Animal waste in City parks has negative effects on both water shed and the local flora and fauna.
Being a responsible pet owner not only includes the basics of licensing, neutering, training, socializing, providing a proper diet and medical attention; it also means limiting barking, sharing public spaces and picking up your animal’s waste.

The City has developed the P.U.P.P.Y program in order to help educate Calgarians on the need to clean up after their pet. P.U.P.P.Y stands for Pick Up Pooch’s Poo Yourself. This is a fun way to remember that your dogs waste is your waste to remove.

Dog poop is an attractive snack to coyotes. Unfortunately, that same attractant is an unhealthy source of food for the animals. When a coyote gets habituated to eating dog scat it can start to search out that food source in populated areas. Dog poop is also a vehicle for the spread of disease. Approximately two thirds of dog scat contains round worm, which most domesticated animals get treated for.  

With more than 5,000 dogs every summer weekend in Nose Hill Park, it is easy to imagine how quickly it can pile up. Do your part end help protect the natural inhabitants of our park systems while also protecting of water tables and plant life. Not only is it the right thing to do but it could save you from a violation fine as well.
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