Friday, October 7, 2011

10 Street N.W. Bike Lane Pilot Project

The City is launching a pilot program that sees new bike lanes on 10 Street N.W. between 5 Avenue and 23 Avenue.

The pilot is being launched in response to the Cycling Strategy and to take advantage of major road resurfacing that occurred in September. The City was able to apply temporary pavement markings to accommodate the pilot and get the work done before the first snow fall.

Designated bike lanes are among recommendations contained in The City’s overall Cycling Strategy approved by City Council earlier this year. The strategy is aimed at increasing opportunities for cycling in Calgary and is an important step in implementing strategies to offer more transportation options to Calgarians.

When bicycle infrastructure is installed in other cities, an increase in use and ridership is seen. In the October 2010 telephone survey, 80 per cent of Calgarians told us that they didn’t feel safe cycling in traffic, and that they would cycle more often with dedicated space — this includes bike lanes.

The City will assess the pilot project next spring and host public consultatios to determine the success of the program and how bike lanes might be improved.

Information on the pilot program can be accessed through


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