Monday, October 17, 2011

Opening of 96 Avenue N.E. from 60 Street to Stoney Trail

Residents in northeast Calgary are enjoying a new roadway which opened October 12, 2011.

The roadway consists of three elements: the building of 60 Street from 88 Avenue to 96 Avenue, 96 Avenue from 60 Street connecting to Stoney Trail, and a temporary three-way intersection at 96 Avenue and 68 Street.

This project is another new road infrastructure initiative to help meet the needs of an ever-growing population in the northeast. The community of Saddle Ridge has a population of over 10,000, while the adjacent communities of Martindale and Taradale have a combined total of more than 25,000 residents.

The roadway is built on the west and north edges of Saddle Ridge and allows motorists limited access to Stoney Trail—southbound onto Stoney Trail from 96 Avenue, and westbound onto 96 Avenue from northbound Stoney Trail.

The intersection at 96 Avenue and 68 Street provides a north-south connection to Country Hills Boulevard.

The ultimate design of 96 Avenue from 60 Street to Stoney Trail calls for a six lane road, but only two lanes were built at this time. There may be an intermediate phase of four lanes sometime in the future.

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