Thursday, December 1, 2011

Inglewood 9 Avenue S.E. bus-only lanes coming soon

Map of the bus-only lane portion of 9th Ave. 
Starting soon new bus-only lanes will be introduced on 9 Avenue between 8 Street and 15 Street S.E.

Ninth Avenue is a key connection to the east side of the city and it will see increased bus service along the corridor in the coming years.

With much feedback, there was a recommendation to have peak period, peak direction bus-only lanes along 9 Avenue.

This was approved by Council, and we’re now proceeding with implementing the bus-only lanes.

Each weekday, 9 Avenue S.E. carries eight bus routes including the 301 and 302 BRT routes, carrying about 6,500 passengers at a rate of approximately 25 buses per hour during peak periods.

This is being implemented with Council’s approval after feedback from the communities during the recent Transportation Planning Study on 17 Avenue and Inglewood.

Bus-only lane signs
The new bus-only lanes will improve transit trips for the buses servicing the area, while increasing connectivity and transportation choices for Calgarians.

Cyclists are welcome to use the bus lane. Motorists are allowed to enter the bus lane in order to access driveways and alleys and to turn right at the next intersection. There will be no changes to parking.

Traffic signal timing modifications are planned along 9 Avenue to improve the flow for motorists.

Please visit for information on Inglewood 9 Avenue S.E. bus only lanes and the overall Transportation Optimization strategy.

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