Thursday, January 12, 2012

Calgary Food Committee Launches Food Assessment

Today, the Calgary Food Committee launched the Food System Assessment and Action Plan and will be engaging Calgarians through the winter and spring before taking a report back to the Standing Policy Committee on Community and Protective Services in April 2012.

The Food Assessment will give Calgarians a clear understanding of the connections between the different components of the city’s food system (a network connecting food production, processing, distributing, consuming and recovering food waste), identify gaps and make recommendations for an action plan.

“The Food Assessment is about gathering all of the information and work being done in the city so that we can prioritize actions in order to strengthen the local economy, improve access to healthy and affordable food, and reduce our impact on the environment,” said Alderman Gian-Carlo Carra.

The Food System Assessment and Action Plan will evaluate the current food system, examine a range of food issues and provide key baseline information. This assessment will include research in the form of a baseline report and a land inventory, which will identify existing assets as well as gaps in Calgary’s food system.  An Action Plan will be submitted to Calgarians that will identify priorities and make recommendations on moving forward.

Led by the Office of Sustainability at the City of Calgary, Members of the Calgary Food Committee include: City of Calgary staff, farmers, local businesses, chefs, educators, industry experts, and members from Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development, Alberta Health Services and other key players in the local food system. Their purpose is to provide information and guidance in completion of a Food System Assessment and Action Plan for Calgary with consultancy support from Serecon Management Consulting and Altus Group.

“Our vision is to create a sustainable and resilient food system within the Calgary region,” said Carolyn Bowen, Manager of the Office of Sustainability. “This is about every Calgarian having access to more local, healthy and environmentally friendly food.”

Upcoming Event

The Calgary Food Committee is holding a public event on Saturday January 28th at the Ant Hill Building in Kensington. This event will showcase the many businesses, organizations and individuals who are working in, or connected to, the food system in the Calgary region. This will provide an incredible opportunity for the public and key stakeholders to connect with one another and share in the opportunities and actions that people are taking to build a more resilient and sustainable food system for our city.

To find out more about the Food System Assessment please visit

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