Friday, January 27, 2012

Collaboration keeping Calgary’s Centre City Clean to the Core

On Thursday, January 26, The City’s Clean to the Core team celebrated five years of helping make the Centre City a more livable, thriving and caring place. Made up of over 15 City of Calgary departments and dozens of external partners – including community organizations and businesses throughout the core – the program is a shining example of how partnership and vision can produce action and results.

Roads Operations Manager Dan Jones links the Clean to the Core program’s initial start-up in 2006 to The City’s exponential growth and the near-daily responsibilities his business unit’s employees were faced with.

“We started looking at all the work we had to do,” says Jones, “and then we put that information together with other business units to see how we were all coordinating our efforts. We were able to take that argument, go to Council, get extra funding and then take that back and use that funding to really devote our efforts to keeping things clean.”

Five years later, Jones attributes the success of the program to the relationships he’s formed across City departments, with Centre City Business Revitalization Zones as well as private businesses in the city’s core.
“I’m most proud of the collaborative relationships that have formed with the other Business Units. It’s really helped our people to see how everybody’s role comes together. We play one small part but we all work together toward the same end.”

Cathy Taylor, Clean to the Core Project Manager, Centre City team says enhancing safety, adding vitality and making our Centre City an exciting place for everyone wouldn’t happen without this level of teamwork - collaborations at The City, individual citizens and supporting organizations.

Clean to the Core is a collaborative effort of the Calgary Police Service, Calgary Fire Department, Emergency Medical Services, Alberta Health Services, Alberta Gaming & Liquor Commission, Animal & Bylaw Services, Calgary Transit, Parks, Roads, Environmental & Safety Management, Land Use Planning & Policy, Development & Building Approvals, Corporate Properties & Buildings, Law, Recreation, Community & Neighbourhood Services, 3-1-1, Centre City Safety Impact Team and Centre City Implementation.

The Clean to the Core program also works with community partners and downtown businesses to implement real and sustainable change in our community.

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