Wednesday, February 15, 2012

City seeks bipedal and bike loving Cycling Coordinator

The City is looking for a bike expert.

Yes, we need somebody who knows all about  bikes and cycling – what makes a bike route great, how can we improve safety for cyclists, how do we address conflicts between bikes and vehicles, where are bike routes needed, how do we increase the number of cycling commuters, and, yes, what’s the proper way to ride a bike.

In the first of its kind posting here in Calgary, The City is reaching out to find just the right person to help us implement the Council-approved Cycling Strategy.

Azim Jivraj, Manager of Transportation Solutions, said The City is looking to make changes that will increase the number of people who choose cycling as a preferred mode of transportation according to the Calgary Transportation Plan. The first step - or pedal - in achieving the vision of the Cycling Strategy is to hire a bicycle coordinator who understands the needs of cyclists.

“Big changes are coming in the next decade” says Azim. “One of the strategy's goals is to double the number of Calgarians who commute by bicycle into the core by 2020. That means we have to look for ways to entice more people to cycle to work and school.”

One way is to expand the cycling network from 20 km of bike lanes in the city to about 180 km in the next 10 years. The cycling strategy also outlines other options and recommendations to increase cycling and contribute to some other City goals, like reducing traffic on our roadways and protecting the environment by reducing greenhouse gases.

The new cycling coordinator will be responsible for putting into action the goals and targets set out by the strategy and leading the cultural shift to make Calgary a more bike friendly city. They will also:

  • Prioritize and implement recommendations in the strategy;
  • Work closely with citizens, stakeholders and special interest groups like Calgary Pathway and Bikeway Advisory Council to address cycling-related needs and issues; and
  • Determine priorities and coordinate implementation of the bikeway infrastructure capital program.

And since the individual must be knowledgeable in what cyclists want and need, it also makes sense that they know how to ride a bike or be willing to learn. After all, we’d expect people who apply to be truck drivers know how to drive a truck, right?

For more information or to apply for the cycling coordinator position, visit #200485.

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