Thursday, February 16, 2012

Municipal Development Plan now on Youtube

The Kensington area is a complete community at the neighbourhood scale.
Sixty years from now Calgary will look a lot different than it does today – population growth forecasts anticipate that 2.3 million people will live here.

Planning and managing that kind of growth starts today. That’s why The City’s Land Use Planning & Policy (LUPP) created the Municipal Development Plan (MDP) as well as an e-Learning video series on The City’s Youtube channel to explain the plan.

The MDP is The City of Calgary’s vision for how and where Calgary grows over the next 60 years. It focuses on a more compact city that’s made up of complete communities. A complete community consists of neighbourhoods designed to offer safe and easy pedestrian access for shopping, opportunities for cycling and commuting on public transit, and that preserve and enhance open space. Complete communities put pedestrians first and aim to have all the services we need on a daily basis within walking distance. It’s about creating communities where it’s easy to live, work and play, for all ages, incomes, interests and lifestyles.

“The MDP lays the groundwork for a more sustainable city,” says Senior Planner Denise Carbol. “The aim was to create an instructive and engaging program that would inform viewers about Calgary’s new planning direction, as well as inspire people to imagine the possibilities of building a great city by improving the quality of community planning, urban design, roads, street design and natural areas.”

To learn more about the MDP, be sure to check out the e-Learning video series.

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