Friday, February 3, 2012

Open Spaces: Windows to a View – Two New Installations Hit the Streets

Robert Murray, City Shopper, 2011, photograph
Downtown commuters can now experience the latest installation of the Public Art Program’s Open Spaces: Windows to a View art exhibit.

Open Spaces: Windows to a View presents two new exhibits now on display at the 7th Avenue and Centre Street LRT platform. Local artist Roberta Murray, and the collaborative team of Calgarians Nate McLeod & Cassandra Paul, encourage us to see our city in a fresh and engaging way.

With her Beyond the Looking Glass series, Roberta Murray invites Calgarians to examine our sense of place and our perceptions of the urban environment in which we live. Nate McLeod & Cassandra Paul’s collaborative installation, Shimmer & Shine, fills the space with a floor‐to‐ceiling wall painting and mixed media installation. McLeod & Paul have incorporated man‐made forms of seemingly natural elements, in this case crystals, synthetic hair and taxidermy supplies, to raise questions regarding man’s relationship with nature.

Nate McLeod & Cassandra Paul, Shimmer & Shine, 2012, painting
With support from McLennan Ross LLP, the Open Spaces program celebrates the diversity and quality of local artists while enlivening this busy 7th Avenue transportation corridor.

The City of Calgary Public Art Program is committed to transforming the way Calgarians see, think and experience the city around them. Submissions for the 2012/2013 Open Spaces exhibits are now being accepted – deadline is March 2, 2012.

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