Thursday, February 23, 2012

Providing vet care for your pet

A partnership between The City of Calgary Animal & Bylaw Services and Petsecure pet health insurance enhances Calgarians’ ability to provide veterinary care for their cats and dogs.

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“Simply loving a pet isn’t enough,” said Bill Bruce, director of Animal & Bylaw Services. “Responsible pet ownership includes providing regular veterinary care for pets and being financially prepared for unexpected accidents, illness or emergencies. Pet insurance provides peace of mind for owners who want the assurance that they can financially provide their pet with the best care possible.”

There are two ways Calgarians can take advantage of Petsecure pet insurance offers. First, when Calgarians renew their cat or dog’s licence and purchase a new Petsecure insurance policy, the insurance enrollment fee is waived and pet owners receive their first month of premium pet health insurance coverage at no cost. A leaflet enclosed with Calgarians’ annual City of Calgary pet licence renewal notice outlines the details of this program.

Alternatively, when Calgarians adopt a cat or dog from the Animal Services Centre, they will automatically receive a complimentary six-week trial of Petsecure insurance. The trial period provides 80 percent pet insurance coverage for accidents and illness.

2yr female Miniature Poodle mix #A523425 
“As Canada’s leading pet health insurance provider, we are proud to partner with the City of Calgary Animal & Bylaw Services to remind pet parents about the importance of responsible pet ownership,” says Bill Skubovius, VP of Business Development for Petsecure pet health insurance. “Our partnership will introduce pet families to pet health insurance while providing them with peace of mind knowing they can offer their pet the best in veterinary care without having to worry about the cost.”

For more information on Petsecure pet insurance opportunities available when renewing your pet’s licence visit and search Petsecure pet insurance. For information on adopting a cat or dog from the Animal Services Centre at 2201 Portland Street S.E., visit and search adoptable cats or dogs or contact 3-1-1.

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