Friday, March 9, 2012

8 Interesting Facts about Calgary’s Water

The City of Calgary delivers high-quality drinking water for Calgarians. It’s a matter of fact.

Take a look at some more interesting facts about Calgary's water system  from our 2011 Water Report  that was released online just last week:

  1. The water quality in Calgary is tested more than 110,000 times a year for more than 150 accredited parameters, which includes everything from microbiological organisms to water hardness.
  2. The City of Calgary has a 12,000 km network of total water infrastructure.
  3. Every day our two water treatment plants (the Glenmore Water Treatment Plant on the Elbow River, and the Bearspaw Water Treatment Plant on the Bow), process a combined average of 474 MILLION litres of potable water.
  4. Calgary has some of the best water and wastewater treatment facilities in the country, including an ultra-modern filtration system and ultraviolet disinfection process.
  5. Calgary has one of the lowest water main break and loss rates in North America.
  6. The City has constructed 10 new wet ponds or engineered wetlands to date as a creative solution to filter sediment and debris from runoff before it empties into the rivers.
  7. Calgary's 30-in-30 water efficiency goal aims to reduce our water consumption by 30 per cent over 30 years. Simple, everyday measures like taking the car to the car wash, positioning downspouts to empty on the lawn, using a rain barrel, and sweeping dirt from the driveway instead of hosing it into the gutter, can make a world of difference.
  8. The Bow Centre Place, a seniors housing complex in northwest Calgary, replaced 83 water-guzzling toilets just after The City opened its toilet replacement rebate program in 2007. This saves the complex an average of 2,100,000 litres of water per year and around $16,000 to date.

Find the full 2011 Water Report and more information on

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