Thursday, March 8, 2012

City curiosity saved the cat

The adage says that most cats don’t like water, and that seems to be the case for a lucky kitty found by Water Services employees down in a storm main last week. The cat was discovered when mainline video operators Terry Ing and Beata Ziemba made a routine visit to check a 36 Street NE main after a recent repair.

“We put the camera down and saw eyes shining back at us,” says Terry. “As we got closer we noticed it was a cat and knew we had to get it out of there.”

After a few hours of coaxing the pair was able to lead the 11-month-old tabby to a nearby catch basin and rescue it. Terry says he doesn’t know how long the cat was in the main or how it ended up down there, but says the animal was thin and had a few cuts on its chin.

“He seemed to know we were trying to help him,” says Terry. “When we got him out he was purring but looked rough. We got him food and water right away and then turned him over to Animal Services.”

When asked if this sort of thing happens often in his job, Terry is quick to stress this is a rare occurrence.

“I’ve been a video operator for 15 years and this is the first time I've found a cat in the storm system,” says Terry. “I’m just glad we got him out before a thaw.”

UPDATE: this furry little fella has just been adopted. 

For additional information on other animals available for adoption contact The City of Calgary's Animal Services or call 3-1-1

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