Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Tell us about your Calgary

Tweet us your favourite spot in the city and be part of a new Wall of Windows display

From our natural prairie geography to our vibrant, urban streetscape, Calgary’s full of memorable spaces and places. We want you to tell us about your favourites – where you love to spend time in the city.

Share your thoughts with us on Twitter, using the hashtag #myyyc.

These tweets are all about you – your thoughts, your words, and your ideas – and if you’re selected, your favourite spots will be on display for everyone to see.

We’ll use tweets that truly capture our dynamic city in a new window installation planned for the City Hall LRT Station. This public ‘Wall of Windows’ is a collaboration of departments across The City of Calgary. It'll be made up of seven window boxes stretching 140 feet across The City’s Administrative Building and will be unveiled early this summer.

We’ve even got 15 pairs of Zoo admission tickets to offer just for participating.

How it works:

From your Twitter account, compose a tweet using hashtag: #myyyc, describing where your favourite place is in Calgary and why (must be 140 characters or less). We’ll collect your comments and create a montage of “favourite Calgary places” to be showcased in our public display.

Twitter handles will be attached to each statement, crediting active and engaged citizens for their support and opening a door for dialogue and interaction between those with common interests.

Keep in mind:
  • All comments posted to Twitter may be used in a public display
  • A selection of comments will be used. Not all comments are guaranteed to be displayed. Your comments may be used for similar projects in the future
  • You may not enter your own business
  • All comments submitted by Friday, April 13, 2012 will be entered into a draw for one of 15 pairs of Zoo tickets, and the randomly selected winners will be contacted via Twitter and asked to email in their mailing address

Full details:
  • All comments must refer to a space or place in Calgary. Not all comments are guaranteed to be displayed
  • No purchase is necessary. Users who do not have a Twitter account can sign up for free
  • By submitting a comment on Twitter, you are displaying your comment in a public space. By submitting a comment in response to the @cityofcalgary question ‘what is your favourite space in Calgary and why?’, you agree to have your comment displayed in a public place other than Twitter
  • By commenting, you agree to let the City of Calgary use your Twitter handle and your comment in a public display. If your Twitter handle appears to be your full name, only your first name will be used
  • As Twitter is a public forum, the City of Calgary is not responsible for ensuring privacy for comments made on Twitter
  • The draw for Zoo tickets is open to residents of Alberta. Employees of the City of Calgary are eligible to enter except for those involved in administration of this draw
  • Each user is entitled to one entry in the draw for Zoo tickets, independent of how many comments are posted on Twitter
  • Chances of winning depend on the number of entries received
  • The draw opens on April 4, 2012 at 2:30 p.m. MST and closes on April 13, 2012 at midnight (12 a.m.) MST
  • The draw for Zoo tickets will be randomly selected by April 20, 2012 at noon (12 p.m.) MST. Winners will be contacted via Twitter and asked to email their mailing address. In the event that the winner does not reply within three business days, another draw will be done until all pairs of tickets are allocated

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