Thursday, May 31, 2012

Measuring Energy Conservation - It's Elementary

Do you know how much electricity common household appliances use? The Energy Patrol students at Monsignor E.L Doyle Elementary School sure do and they’ll gladly share all the energy saving strategies they learned with you.

Their Showcase School Project for the 2012 Mayor’s Environment Expo focuses on conserving energy. A grant from Enmax provided each student an electronic energy meter to measure the amount of energy used by common household appliances at home and around the school.

The Energy Patrol was then challenged to reduce the amount of electricity on their power bills. Students recorded their energy consumption patterns for three months. During class, they discussed actions to conserve energy. Actions such as wearing a sweater instead of turning up the heat, purchasing a low-flow shower head and using natural sunlight instead of turning on the lights, led to reduced energy bills.

“Kids are consistently making positive choices to conserve energy on a regular basis,” says teacher, Don McLaughlin. “And they are excited to share their understanding of energy conservation with their peers, the school and the community through initiatives such as the Mayor’s Environment Expo.”

Each day, the Energy Patrol students shared their energy saving strategies with their peers during the morning announcements. Fun campaigns such as “Turn off the lights to save the polar bears” and “National Sweater Day” created awareness throughout the school and quite the hype to join the action.

Join us at the 2012 Mayor’s Environment Expo, June 5-7 at the Municipal Building and be inspired by today’s youth leaders.

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The Mayor’s Environment Expo thanks Encana and Calgary Transit for their partnership in the Showcase School program. Encana is sponsoring a $250 grant exclusive to the Showcase Schools. Calgary Transit is providing Showcase Schools with free transportation to and from the Expo.

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